Active Shooter Training

By discussing different mental strategies, as well as response tactics, individuals will be better prepared to not only ACT — but REACT during an active shooter event. We will discuss associated behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, which may be indicators that someone is disgruntled at their job, in their personal life, or with society. Triggering events that may cause individuals to become an active shooter are also discussed. Active shooter statistics, trends, and real incidents are discussed, along with why it is vitally important for individuals to have a plan. PSNA welcomes guest presenter Lieutenant John G. Yunk, Operations Commander, Domestic Security Section of the Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Criminal Investigation on December 4 from 10 am – 12 pm in Harrisburg. Nurses, healthcare providers and community members are encouraged to attend. This event is free to PSNA members / $50 non-members. Click here to register today.