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New nurse professionals have a clear vision of their ideal work setting, community and future. New RNs also have a heavy work schedule, leaving them just a few hours of free time. The Young Nurse Professionals group is a simple solution to using your time to advance your career, build your network and gain lifelong friends. Are you the traditional student that studied nursing straight out of high school? We saved you a seat! Are you an RN that chose nursing as a second career? This is the group for you too! New nurses can build a community of peers, discuss career-related concerns, provide insight into their specific needs, take on new roles as leaders and make your communities a better place to live.

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Title: How to Bounce Back After Challenges at the Bedside

Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Time: 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Registration: Register Today


How to Bounce Back After Challenges at the Bedside

Your days as a new RN can be exciting, challenging, exhilarating and exhausting. If you don’t take care of yourself, you may experience burnout, anxiety, depression and overall negative feelings about your job and the profession. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Resilience and self-compassion as well as asking for help, can make a significant difference.

Who should attend: New RNs in their first years of practice and soon-to-graduate nursing students. This program is free to members and non-members.

By attending this LIVE, interactive and positive webinar, RNs in their first year of practice will enhance their ability to:

1. More deeply understand your strengths and vulnerabilities and how to use both to help meet the daily challenges of caring for patients
2. Connect with your purpose: Remember why you became an RN and use it to become more resilient
3. Use self-compassion to put challenges and shortcomings into perspective and move ahead
4. Develop self-efficacy practices and skills that last a lifetime
5. Connect with others and get the advice and support that can make all the difference

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Central PA

Started in October 2014, our Central PA YNPs were our very first group. Our inaugural event was a winery tour at the Hershey Vineyard. There’s nothing better than meeting new friends over some wine! Throughout 2015, Central PA YNPs met for networking at local restaurants and hosted another wine tasting. Then as the temperature dropped, members attended a Hershey Bears ice hockey game at the Den. In December 2015, Central PA held a coat drive for the Caring Cupboard in Palmyra. Members donated more than 40 new and gently-used coats for those in need.
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Philadelphia YNPs kicked off their first event at the William Street Common Bar & Kitchen in August 2015. A second event was held in October 2015 at the Ten Gallon Hat Winery for wine tasting and networking. Both events had excellent turnouts! In February 2016, the Philadelphia YNPs and District 1 hosted an event at Pennsylvania Hospital. Nurses and students had the opportunity to network and participate in a historical tour. Some of the highlights of the tour included the Gallery Pavilion painting, “Christ Healing the Sick in the Temple,” the Great Court, the Historic Library, and the Surgical Amphitheater. Pennsylvania Hospital Chief Nursing Officer, Mary Del Guidice, MSN, BS, RN, CENP, spoke with nurses about leadership and offered insight regarding her nursing career. Patricia Haynor, PhD, RN, NHA from Villanova University discussed the benefits of graduate school. On August 19, 2016, YNPs attended a networking luncheon at Bryn Mawr Hospital. At the event, attendees had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A with nurse leaders, including Main Line Health Senior VP & CNO Barbara Wadsworth and VP of Patient Care Service Marianne Harkin. They also learned about applications and benefits of aromatherapy and reiki for hospitalized patients.
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Our first Pittsburgh event was held October 2015 at North Park Lounge in Cranberry for a Paint Nite. Members originally planned on painting the generic skyline called “Hot in the City,” but members quickly decided to paint the Pittsburgh skyline instead! All enjoyed great food, drinks, and company. Our reserved seats sold out! In May 2016, the Pittsburgh YNPs hosted a social event at the historic Church Brew Works, a church-turned-bar to celebrate Nurses Week!


We kicked off our YNP Erie group September 2015 at the Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel with a Bayfront Mixer. The evening allowed for networking with nurses from the area and learning more about PSNA—not to mention a beautiful waterfront view!


Scranton YNPs held a Paint Nite in June 2015 at the Court Street Tavern. Turns out, nurses are good at tapping into their artistic side!


YNPs in York showed off their fashionable side with an ugly Christmas Party in December 2015!
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Code Blue

Nurses flooded the Capitol in Harrisburg on April 11, 2016 for the PSNA Code Blue event. Nurses from all over the state, including YNPs and nursing students, came together from all over the state to talk to legislators about the importance of safe staffing. A rally was held in the Capitol Rotunda, where PSNA President Dr. Christine Alichnie, CEO Betsy Snook, and Nurse Practitioner Tarik Khan spoke about the dangers of inadequate staffing levels. Other speakers included State Representative Mauree Gingrich and PSNA Director of Government Affairs Kevin Bushner. It was great to see nurses get involved in the legislative process and advocate for their patients!
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STAR Leadership Institute

At the end of April 2016, PSNA hosted its Star Leadership Institute in Gettysburg. Nurse leaders from all over the state, including a YNP, learned about effective communication, budgeting, and what it takes to be a good leader. Participants were paired with a mentor and will complete a research project over the next few months, which they will present at a banquet in November. Nurses from all areas and all experience levels took part, strengthening the future leadership of nursing and PSNA! While in Gettysburg, a group ate at a historic house and even went on a “haunted” tour of the city. But the tour guide found that it takes a lot more to scare nurses than a few ghosts!

ANA Conference

Danielle Weaver, YNP Northwest Leader and Editor-in-Chief of the YNP e-newsletter, was an invited speaker at a national ANA conference in June 2016. Danielle spoke to more than 30 state and national leaders about our YNP group – with excellent feedback and excitement from all!

Ashley Homer

YNP Ashlee Homer, RN, testified today before the House Children & Youth Committee regarding neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). “Taking care of NAS babies requires extra resources … RNs must find the balance between meeting the medical and social needs for each baby and their family while determining how best to provide nursing care for each one individually. Some infants do better with nearly constant movement while holding them. Others do better in a dark, non-stimulating environment. It is heartbreaking to watch these smallest patients cry inconsolably and feed uncoordinated. This can cause growth delays, tremors and sometimes seizures. The child may also experience very limited to no bonding experiences with its parents.”
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In October 2016, YNP Northeast Leader Caroline Toomey and YNP Ashlee Homer took to Washington, DC to participate in the American Nurse Advocacy Institute hosted by ANA. ANAI is a prestigious year-long mentored program for the purpose of developing nurses into political leaders while expanding the grassroots capacity for the nursing profession and health care. Upon completion, each ANAI Fellow is equipped to advise the SNA in establishment of legislative / regulatory priorities, recommend strategies for execution of the advancement of a policy issue, and educate members about the political realities as well as assist in advancing nursing’s agenda.

Contact Information

Danielle Weaver Northwest Leader of the PSNA Young Nurse Professionals. She graduated from Duquesne University’s Second Degree Nursing Program and currently practices in Pittsburgh. If you live in the Western part of PA, she is your direct contact! Email Me!
Caroline Toomey Northeast Leader of the PSNA YNPs. She graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and currently practices out of the Philadelphia area. If you live in the Eastern part of PA, then Caroline is your direct contact! Email Me!

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