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Call for Articles

The DO’s and DO NOT’s

DO prepare your article focused on the audience of Pennsylvania Nurse.
Our audience spans three to four generations.
Our audience works in practice, education, research, and administrative settings or are retired.

DO be clear about what readers must be able to identify, describe, or explain after reading your article.
State the purpose of the article early in the manuscript.
Keep in mind that your article is a strategy for “teaching” to a wide audience.

DO write simply and directly.
Ask someone to read your article before submitting it.
Choose someone who has experience writing for publication in professional texts and/or journals.

DON’T send in a course paper simply because your professor said it should be published.
Articles for journals are different from course papers. Certainly revise a paper for Pennsylvania Nurse.
Work with your professor so that your course paper can be in the format of a journal article.

DON’T send a “stream of consciousness.”
Subdivide your article into an introduction, followed by specific sections.
Remain true to the purpose (and title) of your article.

DON’T wander from your topic. Stay focused.

Submitting Your Article

Please submit using APA format. The length should fall between 2,000 to 2,500 words. Pennsylvania Nurse accepts full-color images and tables. To ensure high quality of published material, we utilize a double-blind peer-review process by a group of experts to review submissions. The final decision to publish will be based upon the comments of the reviewers. Submissions should be sent to [email protected].

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