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Call for Mentors

The 2016 PSNA Star Leadership Institute seeks nurse mentors who are eager to challenge the old ways of thinking and problem-solving! This year’s Institute will be held April 28-29 and November 4 in Gettysburg. Each Institute participant will be assigned a mentor who will provide guidance, support, and direction during their Institute work projects. Mentors and mentees will be asked to complete a digital survey tool and, with the help of innovative software, will be matched based on similar geographic regions and areas of expertise. PSNA membership is required.

This is an excellent opportunity for RNs to influence the next generation of nurse managers. .

Mentors should have a minimum of 5 years progressive experience at the manager, director, or senior level. This is a one-year commitment.  Mentors and mentees will communicate electronically, over the phone and/or in person. Mentors will be invited to the November 4 closing ceremony in Gettysburg to watch their mentee present their completed Institute project.

Interested PSNA members can contact Dr. Aislynn Moyer at [email protected] or 717-657-1222.


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