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PSNA Elections

The 2020 PSNA elections will open August 24 through September 21. PSNA members will receive a “How-To” e-mail from Vote-Now. Members without an e-mail on file will be mailed information.

Learn more about this year’s candidates by clicking on a name below.

President (1 Seat)

Tarik Khan

Wayne Reich


PSNA Treasurer (1 Seat)

Jill Buterbaugh

Caroline Cowles

Board of Directors (1 seat)

Julie Beck

Karen Celestine

Julia Greenawalt

Jen Partyka

David Scher

Joy Snyder

Board of Directors, Young Nurse Professional (1 seat)

Aaron Dinger

Renee Heller

Nidza Rodriguez Torres

Nominating Committee (5 Seats)

Lindsey Ford

Sarah Gleason

Margaret Ort

Catherine Stiller

Sharon Wright

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