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PSNA Elections

The 2019 PSNA elections will open August 13 through September 13. PSNA members will receive a “How-To” e-mail from Vote-Now. Members without an e-mail on file will be mailed information. Learn more about this year’s candidates by clicking on a name below.

Vice President (1 Seat)

Tarik Khan

Jennifer Silva

PSNA Secretary (1 Seat)

Deborah Gallek-Cardenas

Ashlee Homer


Board of Directors (1 seat)

Terri Bickert

Gina Slobogin


Cabinet Member (2 Seats)

Peter Caprioli

Jen Holzer

Tamika Jackson-Butts

Tammi Lining


Nominating Committee (5 Seats)

Sarah Austin

Kathleen Doherty

Melanie Duffy

Molly Heenan

Susan Klingaman

Darla Marks


ANA Representative (1 Seat)

Chris Alichnie

Deborah Gallek-Cardenas

Jen Holzer

Jennifer Partyka

Betsy Snook

Caroline Toomey

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