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PSNA 2023 Leadership Series

February 28, 2023 @ 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

We know our members are busy, both professionally and personally. In the past few years, we have recognized that virtual events work best for nurses across the Commonwealth. So, we have modified the former Star Leadership Program into a monthly virtual format at a more affordable price. Our new Leadership Series will teach participants enhanced leadership competencies, the role of leadership within complex health systems, and the value of interprofessional and multidisciplinary collaboration. This series is geared towards nurses working in or aspiring to leadership positions. Participants may pick and choose sessions or can attend all! Participants will receive 1.0 contact hours for each session.* Click here for full details on the 2023 Leadership Series.

Cost: PSNA Members $150 for all / $30 per session; Non-Members $350 for all / $60 per session

*If purchasing the full series after a session(s) has already occurred, the registrant will be given access to the recording of the past session(s) but cannot receive contact hours for viewing the recording.


Leadership Series Schedule:

2/28/23, 3:30 PM, Team Leadership in Times of Crises | Amy C. O’Neill, MS, LPC

This training will provide current and future nurse leaders a baseline knowledge of the impact of crisis on themselves and team members, leadership skills in times of crisis, and information on elements for effective leadership in a healthcare setting. Nursing leaders will also be introduced to the role of Psychological First Aid while working and leading in times of crisis. The training will be validating and informative for nursing professionals who have previously worked or been guided through a crisis and will inform those who have not on what to expect. This training will be conducted through lecture and Socratic teaching methods.

3/28/23, 12:00 PM, Advanced Negotiation: The Skill of Effective Persuasion | Lisa Dicker JD, Harvard University

This session will combine presentation, discussion, and exercises to examine effective negotiation persuasion. Nurses will learn how to identify the other party’s interests and leverage these interests to frame options in a manner that is persuasive to the listener.

4/25/23, 3:30 PM Advanced Health Policy Innovation: Finding Your Political Voice | Carol Ann Amann, PhD, MSN, RN-BC, CDP, FNGNA, Gannon University

This presentation will provide information on the professional nurse’s role in promoting change through organizational state and federal legislation. Nurses will develop the knowledge necessary to articulate a political position and initiate contact with legislators or organizational leaders related to a topic of concern.

5/23/23, 12:00 PM Dare to DISC: Leveraging Your Personality Style at Work | Linda Brain Beck, M.Ed., Beck and Associates Consulting Group

We all have that one person. The one who annoys us who we find it challenging to work with. Sure, we smile and try to be nice, but wouldn’t it be better to find a more effective way of dealing with him or her? More than that, once we learn more about our own personality and then what makes others tick, we have valuable information to better navigate the workplace. And, bonus! This can also be applied to your personal relationships as well.

6/27/23, More details soon!

9/26/23, 12:00 PM Nursing Leadership and its Connection to the Current Staffing Crisis: Implications for Nurses Across All Generations | Denise Hammel MSN, RN, CLSSBB, CPHQ, XcellenceFirst

We are immersed in a nursing staffing crisis worsened by recent global events. Although there are numerous discussions on social media about the need to pay nurses more, the reality is that wages may have little to do with the creation or resolution of this staffing situation. There are several reasons why nurses are leaving the bedside, which vary considerably by generation. This presentation will explore the current staffing crisis from the perspective of challenges in recruiting and retaining nurses and how we can begin to address these obstacles and create a sustainable workforce systematically.

10/24/23, 3:30 PM Using Innovation Strategy in your Organization: Transforming the Role of the Leader in Complex Organizations | Denise Hammel MSN, RN, CLSSBB, CPHQ, XcellenceFirst

Healthcare organizations are complex and sometimes chaotic systems that are difficult to manage. Yet, such environments provide a fertile foundation to create new solutions. Nurse leaders must use healthcare’s dynamic and complex nature to innovate and solve challenges. This session will explore Innovation Strategy, including the structures, relationships, leader styles, and approaches to create the desired end-state. Nurses will discover how to harness the power of their organization through practical improvement and innovative strategies.

11/28/23, 12:00 PM, Utilizing Data and Technology to Improve Nursing Practice | Heather Shirk, MSN, RN-BC, Wellspan Health

Using the PICOT framework as a guide, we will discuss how to incorporate data and leverage technology into Evidence-Based Nursing practice. Challenges to data capture and reporting will be examined as well as a foundational review of Informatics principles. Nurses will develop a conceptual framework for how data and technology can be leveraged to support EBP projects.

*Pennsylvania State Nurses Association is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


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