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Notice from State Board of Nursing

The Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs (BPOA) received reports that a person pretending to be from the State Board of Nursing is calling licensees about the status of their license, claiming they owe money.  The scammer asks for credit card information and threatens them with disciplinary action or arrest if they fail to pay.  

Persons who give their credit card information may not only lose their money but also can become a victim of identity theft.

Licensees are urged to avoid becoming a victim of credit card fraud or identity theft:


•   BPOA and the Boards will NOT call licensees asking for payment  over the phone (We correspond primarily by email and letters).

•   If you get a text message or call asking for your credit card information, hang up.

•   Do NOT give your personal or financial information over the phone.

•   If you feel that you are a victim of any type of scam, you should    immediately notify your local or state police.


To visit the State Board of Nursing’s website, click here.

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