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State Board Clarification on Licensure Renewal

PSNA has had many questions regarding delayed Pennsylvania RN licensure renewals. PSNA has reached out to the PA State Board of Nursing to understand potential barriers and identify steps to efficient licensure renewal. The following information was discussed.



  • The Department of State has moved to a new licensing system, PALS (PA Licensing System).
  • There has been an increase in 2018 licensure requests.
  • The department is working to clear backlogs by filling vacant positions, hiring temporary and annuitant staff, and having staff work overtime. In addition, current phone system issues are being addressed.


Average Processing Times for Licensing Requests

  • New graduates. Regarding the evaluation of your application and issuance of your authorization to test (ATT) and/or temporary practice permit (TPP) – the average request can be processed in 7 days and can take up to 14 business days from the date all materials are received
  • Endorsement temporary practice. Regarding those requesting endorsement temporary practice permits, the average processing time is 25 business day
  • License by endorsement. Regarding those seeking a license by endorsement, the average processing time is 13 weeks


Processing Delays Due to Incomplete (delinquent) Applications

  • Lack of documentation to show that the graduate has completed the state’s mandatory child abuse education.
  • Graduate did not register with the test vendor to take the NCLEX exam.
  • When submitting the temporary practice permit, the applicant failed to disclose all of the states where they currently are licensed to practice or applicant did not disclose any encumbrances to their license.
  • Applicant failed to complete a criminal background check for all states in which they have lived, worked, or completed professional training/studies for the past 10 years. Where the applicant is licensed in multiple states, instead of providing a background check from all states, the applicant may provide the background check from the state where the applicant is currently living plus an FBI Identity History Summary Check.



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