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Year in Review: Code Blue

We invite you to join us as we review PSNA highlights from 2016. In Spring 2016, Pennsylvania’s professional nursing association issued an urgent Code Blue to raise awareness for patient-centered safe nurse staffing. The Code Blue was called because patients are suffering the consequences of chronic, unsafe staffing levels. PSNA believes that a legislative solution can no longer be postponed. Therefore, it was time to act. More than 60 RNs and nursing students joined us in Harrisburg to speak to lawmakers and raise the voice for safe, quality care.



The Patient-Centered Safe Nurse Staffing Act

This act empowers nurses to create patient-safety staffing plans aimed at reducing medical errors, saving lives, and confronting chronic burnout by nursing professionals. This legislation was fiercely represented in the House by Representative Mauree Gingrich. In 2016, Rep. Gingrich announced her retirement. We will miss her tireless support and thank her for advocating on behalf of RNs and patients in the Commonwealth. In the upcoming legislative session, PSNA will be collaborating with lawmakers to re-introduce this urgent legislation.


Read the Exclusive Code Blue Publication

This special issue of Pennsylvania Nurse features safe staffing articles from Rep. Mauree Gingrich, Rep. Bill Adolph, Dr. Clloyd Gatrell, a patient’s family member, nursing students, and more. As stated by PSNA CEO Betsy M. Snook: “The facts are in and good is no longer good enough. Optimal nurse staffing is essential to provide optimal patient care and successful patient outcomes. RNs have long acknowledged and continue to emphasize that staffing issues are an ongoing concern – one that influences the safety of both the patient and the nurse.” Access the complete journal here.


Take Action

Lawmakers frequently tell us that they want to hear from RNs – the backbone of our Commonwealth’s healthcare system. PSNA’s advocacy tool meets our mission to lead, advocate, educate, and connect RNs across the Commonwealth. We encourage you to make your voice heard in 2017. Join us in advocating for patient-centered safe nurse staffing and continue to raise the voice of the registered nurse. Click here to easily contact your lawmaker and urge them to support Safe Nurse Staffing.

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