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Young Nurse Professionals

New RNs have a heavy work schedule, leaving them just a few hours of free time. The Young Nurse Professionals group is a simple solution to using your time to advance your career, build your network and gain lifelong friends.

New nurse professionals have a clear vision of their ideal work setting, community and future. Are you the traditional student that studied nursing straight out of high school? We saved you a seat! Are you an RN that chose nursing as a second career? This is the group for you too! New nurses can build a community of peers, discuss career-related concerns, provide insight into their specific needs, take on new roles as leaders and make your communities a better place to live.

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YNP Chapter Highlights

YNP Advisory Board

Caroline Toomey (President)
Jennifer Campbell
Emily Hanes
Ashlee Homer

Jennifer Ignao
Zhi Lin
Khadejah Mahmoud
Jennifer Polo

Kristina Rosario
Alyssa Santoro
Anna Spirk

PSNA Hosted Events

Code Blue

Nurses flooded the Capitol in Harrisburg on April 11, 2016, for the PSNA Code Blue event. Nurses from all over the state, including YNPs and nursing students, came together from all over the state to talk to legislators about the importance of safe staffing. A rally was held in the Capitol Rotunda, where PSNA President Dr. Christine Alichnie, CEO Betsy Snook, and Nurse Practitioner Tarik Khan spoke about the dangers of inadequate staffing levels. Other speakers included State Representative Mauree Gingrich and PSNA Director of Government Affairs Kevin Bushner. It was great to see nurses get involved in the legislative process and advocate for their patients!

STAR Leadership Institute

At the end of April 2016, PSNA hosted its Star Leadership Institute in Gettysburg. Nurse leaders from all over the state, including a YNP, learned about effective communication, budgeting, and what it takes to be a good leader. Participants were paired with a mentor and will complete a research project over the next few months, which they will present at a banquet in November. Nurses from all areas and all experience levels took part, strengthening the future leadership of nursing and PSNA! While in Gettysburg, a group ate at a historic house and even went on a “haunted” tour of the city. But the tour guide found that it takes a lot more to scare nurses than a few ghosts!

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Caroline Toomey

Southeast Leader of the PSNA YNPs

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Anna Spirk

Southwest Leader of the PSNA YNPs

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Kristina Rosario

LeHigh Valley Leader of the PSNA YNPs

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