What We Do

The Leading Professional Nursing Association in the Commonwealth

PSNA is the respected voice for a tradition of care that serves nearly every Pennsylvania family. We’re trusted by public policy decision makers and the wider medical community because we represent the values of our members with passion and integrity in the public square. PSNA matters to Pennsylvania’s leaders. Our members matter to us.

PSNA understands that protecting the interests of nursing professionals and patients is about building and establishing real trust. We don’t play politics with important public policy issues—our goal is to get things done for our members and for the patients we serve. We educate and inform Pennsylvania’s leaders with researched, reasoned information and facts. Most importantly, we help policy makers assess the impact of their policy decisions on the people we serve together. For well over 100 years, we’ve followed this principled, professional path to leadership.

Our Charge

We build and maintain strong relationships with Pennsylvania’s leaders.

We serve Pennsylvania’s nurses with tools that refine and sharpen their knowledge and professional skill.

We connect nurses with timely, relevant educational resources, news and information.

We promote the life-changing calling to the nursing profession and to the communities where we live and work.

Relationships + Learning + Connecting

That’s what we do!