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PSNA-PAC Campaign

As you know, Pennsylvania held its primary election on May 15. The Pennsylvania State Nurses Association’s Political Action Committee (PSNA-PAC) endorsed four Republican and four Democratic candidates. We are pleased to inform you that these eight candidates won their primary election. PSNA extends a thank you to those who voted in May.

The PSNA-PAC and PSNA Government Relations Committee are now preparing for November’s general election by reviewing candidates’ voting history and questionnaires. PSNA-PAC, the bipartisan political arm of the association, will identify candidates who work to protect and promote Pennsylvania’s RNs and patients.

Today PSNA needs your help. Will you donate one hour of your salary to the PSNA-PAC? Donations assist PSNA’s advocacy efforts to establish:

  • Safer work environments
  • Exceptional patient care
  • Leadership’s support of the profession
  • Your voice heard by policymakers

Gifts to the PSNA-PAC – even just one hour of your salary – will shape the future of healthcare. Again, thank you for standing with PSNA as we continue to follow this principled, professional path to leadership. Please visit to donate today.



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